5 reasons to have an autumn BBQ

It looks like we are in for a very mild autumn! The weatherman said it’s going to dry after that weekend of showers we just had. So with the weather giving us some glorious sunshine and above average temperatures, it made us think at Jilani’s, why should barbeques belong to the summer? We’re always looking for reasons to have a party, to get friends and family together and start making memories!

Summer is great sure, but there’s a lot of brilliant things about Autumn that should be applauded. So grab a scarf, boots and tongs as we run down


1. The scenery

“Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile” – William Cullen Bryant

He wasn’t wrong! The trees are a riot of colour, the sky becomes a deeper shade of blue and the autumn leaves litter the pavement like natural confetti. In areas of outstanding natural beauty, they actually have nicknames for the tourists that visit to see the trees in their autumn glory, “leaf peepers”, “leafers” or kanpūkai (In Japan). So don’t just appreciate the scenery from through a window, an autumn bbq is perfect for being in the middle of it all!

2. Autumn games

Autumn is a brilliant time to be young, and there’s plenty of opportunities to keep the kids entertained at an autumn bbq, and maybe even get involved yourself too! Bobbing for apples is a seasonal favourite but there’s also games of conkers to be had (Inside tip: New Walk is positively dangerous to walk down at the moment with all the conkers falling!) or maybe even a pumpkin rolling race if you live near a hill!

3. Don’t be afraid of the dark

The night’s drawing in can actually be a great opportunity to make your backyard a little more magical! With the dancing firelight from the barbeque and fantastic lighting opportunities like fairy lights, lanterns or even solar lights, it is a great way to up your BBQ game to something spectacular! Also with Guy Fawkes day and Diwali coming up, they’re starting to stock sparklers in the store, and they’re always fun! For some more great outdoor lighting ideas check out: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/craft-ideas/how-to/g987/outdoor-light-diy/

4. Hot mocktails

Sure, it’s mild outside for this time of year, but the temperature will drop a little as the sun dips. However, even this is just another opportunity for fun! Snuggle up with blankets and enjoy some delicious warm mocktails!

5. Hearty food!

For the real star of the autumn bbq, the food! It is a fact that we eat more as the weather cools down (although science is yet to prove if it’s nature or nurture) but this is great for autumn bbq’s! Delicious Spicy Beef Burger or a Chicken Steak Burgers are a natural choice for the hot rocks, but autumn means you can be push the boat out a bit! Why not heat up our tasty Lamb Kebabs and pop them on the grill when the guests arrive for that grilled flavour? Or even do the same with our fantastic chicken dippers, pre heat then finish off with flames.

Well, we hope we’ve given you some great staring points for your own autumn barbeque fun times! Start your bbq off right by finding our range of products at any quality butchers or by ordering straight from our website https://jilanis.co.uk/ Jilani’s, simply authentic, seriously delicious.