As a family we have been in business since 1975. We started from humble beginings in the back streets of Leicester with our first butchers shop that was run by our parents over the years.

Both our parents were involved in producing a small range of frozen products that was sold in our shop.

Our parents had a clear vision which was to produce a good range of frozen Halal products that could be produced under strict guidelines were not imported from different parts of the world, being sold as Halal.

In 2006, the birth of Jilani’s took place which is part of our ancestral family name. As a family we set our first factory production began with a wide range of products that was guaranteed as Halal, this is when we as a family decided to become part of the HMC body.


Our mission is to provide good quality frozen food that could be enjoyed by everyone in the comfort of their homes. We also wanted to provide our products without any modifications such as mechanically recovered meat.

As a family we believe our staff are part of our extended family, this way everyone who works with us advocates our beliefs which is about creating great halal products with great quality & taste.

Looking to the future we believe the Halal market will grow significantly. Our mission at Jilani’s will be to innovate with new ideas that will appeal to the frozen Halal market.


Jilani’s is a family business which started manufacturing frozen Halal food in Leicester in 2006.

The business began because we found it difficult to source the kind of food we enjoyed eating from the freezers at the supermarket. We struggled finding Halal products which contained adequate meat content or the rich flavour, so we decided to make our own products.

Our vision since the beginning was to develop our business from initial experiments in our kitchen by investing in our people and factories to grow as a professional business, supplying customers large and small across the UK.

We spent a long time creating our signature spice blend and the secret formula is kept safely within the family.

Now, our product range provides something for everyone!


But we’re still busy in our development kitchen – we are always thinking about how we can bring new products and flavours into the range.

Our mission today is to be recognised and respected by all of our customers whether they are distributors, retailers or consumers for our reliable, quality and value for money Halal products.

We will achieve this by investing in our people, facilities and product development to ensure that, as we grow as a business, we are consistent
in meeting the needs of our customers.

Have you got an idea for a product we should make? Send us your suggestions!